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Top 4 Best Link Localizer Plugins For Your Amazon Affiliate Site

If you are using WordPress to create and run your Amazon affiliate site, then Amazon Affiliate link localizer WordPress plugins are needed to earn commissions from ALL the Amazon affiliate sites from all over the world. It allows you to automatically link content to Amazon pages and then redirect buyers to Amazon stores in their respective countries without losing commissions.

1. Best Azon

This plugin’s main feature is the localization benefit. It allows you to optimize your content by providing localized links specific to the reader and future customer’s needs. One very interesting thing about this plugin is the fact that you may choose to forego the monthly fee and instead contribute 3% of your earnings to charity. Pretty awesome right?

2. Amazon Auto Links

This is for all of you with affiliate beginners with limited startup capital. Before we get into details about what this plug in has to offer, it is important to mention the most important fact. It is absolutely free. It is therefore a great plugin to start with before you have enough money to invest in premium packages. The Amazon Auto Links plugin offers you as the user two main things. The first is a product list generator. This is in the form of a series of codes that ensures that your website is always up to date in terms of what Amazon has on offer. The second key feature is the automatic ad insertion feature. These are customizable in terms of size, link size and even store localization. It increases conversion by providing quick and direct links to amazon.

3. Easy Azon

If you are just getting started as an Amazon Affiliate website, then this is without a doubt the best site to use. Easy Azon is designed to facilitate direct linking to both content and images on your website. You therefore do not have to worry about all that tech mambo jumbo that makes this job so hard. Just get the plugin, link your work and watch as the commissions trickle into your account. The best part is that this basic feature is available in the free Easy Azon package.

In addition to automating the linking process, Easy Azon also allows readers to add items their interested onto Amazon carts directly from your website. This makes life easier for the reader once they have made up their mind. It also significantly increases conversions and sales through your website. The plugin also optimizes your client’s searches by linking to local Amazon stores. This increases your content’s relevance. These additional features are available at a fee on the Easy Azon Pro package available at $47. It is a small price to pay for all you have to look forward to.

4. WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

This is ideal if you want your affiliate website to take the WooCommerce Store design. In this case, you actually have your own product catalogue with price lists and product descriptions. The plugin helps in a lot of ways for the simple price of $42. One of them is by facilitating localized sales. It automatically updates stock lists in different Amazon stores onto your site. This ensures that you are not selling products that are not available. It also comes with an in-built content spinner that allows you to have unique product descriptions on your affiliate site. This makes it seem more legit to the client and will help increase sales.

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