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Vacation Rental Website Design: Top 6 Ways To Increase Bookings

If you are renting out a cottage, an apartment or a small hotel, you want to make sure that your vacation rental website displays it the correct way online to get potential customers interested in what you are offering. Recently, we’ve got several cottage rental website design clients, and we decided to share with you everything you need to know to design a stunning property rental site that will convert your visitors into the clients.

Obey Website Design Basics

It is so important that the overall look of your website is spacious. If a visitor to your page is bombarded with too much color or clusters of text, they are likely to click off and go somewhere else instead. Make sure you have enough distance between texts and images. Incorporate max. 3 colors in your design. And use big enough font size, 16px – 18px will do just fine.

No Fluff

The main thing the customer wants to see when they hit your site, is a photograph of your cottage, a house, or a flat, or whatever you are renting, as well as the address where it is located. The address is really important because they likely have a particular area in mind. The address can be written as a subtitle in larger font than that on the rest of the site, or it can even be placed underneath the main image.

If you think the location is not your strong point, then mention something you are proud of. It can be the size of the property, proximity to some important landmarks etc.

Sell Experience

When people are looking for vacation rentals, they look for experience! This is the second most important section of your site. You should tell your users what they can get if they rent your property. It can be amazing amenities, superb location with the walking proximity to the beach,  lots of great restaurants in the area (and don’t forget to mention which ones). Your website visitors should be able to imagine how much they will enjoy their holidays if they rent your property, what they can do there, which places they can visit, games to play, and so on.

Real Photos

The photos on the page are obviously going to be really important, they are what initially attracts customers to your vacation property rental website. It is vital that you upload the best photos you can, they should be clear, good quality and show off the property to its best. In addition to pictures of the outside of the cottage/house/apartment, you should also have photos of the interior so that customers can see the range of amenities that are included in the rental. You should also have a description of the property that is both accurate and illustrates everything that will be available.


Your customers are going to have a budget so it’s really important that you have a clear pricing structure so people know how much they would need to pay for the time period in which they are staying at the property. Make sure your pricing is reasonable for what you are offering and there should be no hidden costs, it’s important that you show yourself off reputable.


The final thing you would need on your cottage rental website is a “book now” button that would take customers to your booking or contact page. While having a booking system will make your life easier. In the end, your customers can see which dates are available and can complete the booking without any interaction with you. However, it limits your facetime with potential clients. Interaction with your clients is vital. Even if they won’t rent your property this time, they may rent it another time simply because they liked taking to you. Luckily, booking and a contact form can be combined to improve users experience and facilitate communication.

Having a quality website design like this one is sure to attract new customers and see your profits rise. If you need a vacation rental website, simply drop me a line at [email protected]!

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