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How to start a web design business without money and portfolio

1. Find a reliable WordPress development outsourcing partner

Since you don’t have any development/design skills nor you want to hire anyone at this point, finding a reliable outsourcing partner is a key. There are plenty of companies offering white label website development, including us!
So how does it work?

  • You find a client and close the deal
  • You collect all the necessary info from the client and send it to us
  • We get the job done
  • You get paid
  • You send us our share

How much can you make?
On average you would double or triple the quotation we give to you. It pretty much depends on your client’s location and lifestyle. You can make around $1000 on $1500 order.

2. Decide on your target web development niche

You need to establish your niche be it “web design for coaches”, “web design for plumbers” or “web design for clinics”. You need to pick the niche because it will help you narrow down the search for your potential clients. You can become a true authority in the niche, and then everybody will want to work with you. If you do a general web design business, it will be much more time consuming to acquire customers and build your brand.

3. Get your website ready

If you cannot afford a custom made website, no worries. We can get one for your pro bono. And you can pay for it from the clients you bring.

Once we recoup our investment into you, it’s completely yours.

We offer a free website for our agents for a period of 1 month as we believe you will be able to find your first clients during this time.

4. Starting web design business with no portfolio is possible

If we work together, you will be entitled to white label our portfolio. It means your website will be populated with our works, and you can show them to your potential clients. There will be no branding. They will look as if you made them.

5. Finding clients for web design services

It’s time to tell everyone that have now your own web design business and you are ready to accept clients. Share some sample we provide you with you, so that your network would go “wow I want this”. You should leverage your existing network first – friends, family, social network buddies.

6. Promote your web design business on social media

Social media is your number one resource for getting clients. Linkedin is full of B2B leads. Just join professional groups and start engaging with fellow WordPress developers and potential clients in your niche.

Facebook is another incredible resource for you. Simply engage in your niche groups… for example, if you target business coaches, hang out in those groups and reply to every request they have. Share your blog posts and promos when appropriate.

Facebook live:

Video marketing is the best way to get clients FAST. Create a weekly Facebook Live series about business and if you will need help to brainstorm the topics, we are always happy to help.

7. Legal side of your business

You should make sure that you have an LLC or sole entrepreneurship registered for your business to avoid any troubles with taxation. You will have to issue invoices to your clients. I strongly recommend using – it’s free and easy to manage.

So if you want to start your journey with us, simply send us an email to [email protected]

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