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Case Study: White Label Web Design and Development Outsourcing

If you are looking to start your own web agency or you already have one but need to expand your team without spending thousands of dollars hiring full-time developers, white label WordPress designers and developers can be a great solution for you. We often act as a white label web development agency for our clients.

How White Label WordPress Agency Works?

By hiring a white label web developers, you get a team that will work on your client’s projects on your behalf. We never reveal to your clients that we are not an in-house team, nor we put those projects in our portfolio. All the projects we create as white label web team, belong to you 100%.

The starting process is quite simple:

  1. You send us your project specifications with the “white label project” note.
  2. We give you the quotation
  3. You can easily double that amount and present to your client
  4. Once accepted, we start working on your project.
  5. If the project is worth 1000$ or more, we require a deposit. For smaller projects, no deposit is needed.
  6. Once we delivered the job, we place it on a staging server so you could show it to your client.
  7. After the job is accepted, you pay the rest of the amount and we move the website to your clients server.

How Much Money Can I Make By Outsourcing My Web Development Projects To You?

Th below calculations are based on our client’s results. For obvious reasons we cannot reveal her identity.

We charge $500 for a beautifully designed 5-page website incl. unique design, branding, logo, blog, basic on-page SEO, security configurations, and speed optimization.

Our client sells such sites for $1500 on average. She makes around $1000 on each site.

Once she started outsourcing her web design and development to our white label agency instead of doing it all herself, she could focus on customer acquisition and as a result she doubled her profits even though she had to pay us for the development.

Before outsourcing her work to us, she was making about $3000 per month taking 2-3 projects. Now she makes $6000/month with 3-6 clients per month. Her working week is 2 days compering to 6 days when she was developing projects herself.

How Do We Make Money?

If you checked our portfolio, you may wonder how can we offer such beautiful websites at such a low price! The secret is simple, we are senior developers and designers. So we can finish projects really fast spending less time and taking in more projects. We love our job.

Ready to start? Simple send us an email at [email protected]

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