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Top 5 Reasons Why Should NOT Develop Custom WordPress Theme For Your Business

Developing a WordPress theme from scratch can be pricey especially for small and medium size businesses. It’s not only expensive, but also useless in many cases. If you want to have a unique looking website, with your own branding (incl. in the source code), try our white label website development services which are more practical and cost-effective solutions! Here are 5 reasons why you SHOULD NOT develop a custom WP theme.

  1. It’s A Waste Of Money. If you are looking for a beautiful professionally made WordPress site, it doesn’t mean you have to get a custom theme. The truth is that most of the developers use Beaver builder or Elementor plugin to create that unique touch you are looking for. However, the only  truly “unique” part you will get is header and footer…which is pretty much the same everywhere. So as a result, you will spend at least 2K for a simply custom made theme for your website, which can be replicated with Beaver builder for as little as $500. It will look the same, no difference whatsoever.
  2. You Won’t Be Able Customize It. In case your developer created a REALLY custom theme without any plugins. The good news is that it’s probably super easy to use, but extremely difficult customize with help of your webmaster. Most of the existing themes use builder that help you change colors, positions of elements, add various types of background and so on.. When you get a custom theme developed, you only get what you ordered…and that’s it. So if you are planning to manage the website yourself, or change it’s look in the future, you may spend another fortune to add a simply function.
  3. Lack Of Support. Now imagine your developer is out of the business, or you don’t want to pay 100$ to the developer each time you have a “how to” question or small fixes request, nobody will be able to help you because there is no community around your theme. Pre-made themes often have an active community and free support from the developers where you can ask questions and get clear answer without paying anything. And in case you need to change your developer, you can easily find another one to replace him/her.
  4. White Label Theme. Some developers use white label themes and sell them as a custom made theme to their clients. What does it mean? You just got ripped off. We encourage using white label solution, but we are always honest about it and we don’t put a price tag of custom made theme on the white label solution. It simply doesn’t cost that much!
  5. You Need Plugin, Not Theme. Often people think they need a theme in order to achieve a unique functionality. If fact, the theme is just a look of your website. The functionality of your website is done with the plugins which cost 2-5 times cheaper than building a custom theme!

Does it mean no business needs a unique theme? Not at all. If you have something super creative in your mind in terms of visual representation, a new custom made WordPress theme is a way to go. Also if you are looking to sell your theme, or give it away as a gift, then you have to create your own theme where you are a legal owner. Otherwise, a white label WordPress theme will be enough to satisfy all our needs!


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