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Top 7 Advantages Of White Label WordPress Site Development

As you already know, Custom made WordPress site is not always a good idea. So if you are looking for a clever and cost-effective website development solution, think of the white label WP website. Here are some of the benefits you will get when choosing a white label theme over the custom made theme.

  1. Short Development Time. Creating a custom made theme can take up to 6 months depending on the complexity of the work. Often, it’s a waste of time for your business. You will simply wait for your website to be finished, while you could already start making money with it if you would have selected white label theme over the custom made website. Why is that? The White label WordPress theme that we use for all our sites, has EVERYTHING you need to create a beautiful functional website that will be identical to the one your create from scratch. Since all the functions are pre-built, we only need to bring them together into one beautiful art piece…meaning your website. As a result we only need from couples of days to one week to finish the website that would take 1-2 months if done from scratch.
  2. Company Name As A Theme Author. If the only reason you are looking for a custom made website is the ability to have your brand name in the source code, so it would show up when users run your website through, then you should definitely opt for white label website solution. Your website/theme will have your company name and links without any reference to us or any 3rd party theme.
  3. Absolutely Unique Look. If you are afraid that you website won’t look unique, don’t worry about that. It doesn’t matter whether the theme is unique or pre-built. 99% of WP developers use Beaver builder which helps you design the page the way you want. There is almost no limits when it comes to the look of your website.
  4. Up To 10 Times Cheaper. Why would you want to spend $5,000 on a website you could get for $1000? Since the development time is shorter, the website development costs are lower as well.
  5. Free Support. Unlike custom made themes, pre-built themes have a great community support online as well as free support from their developers. It means if you have a simple question, you can always consult with people online to find the answer.
  6. Easy Customization. Custom WordPress themes that were not built using Beaver builder, often have a preset functionality and look that you cannot change without paying the developer. This is not the case when it comes to white label pre-built themes that we use. You will be able to rearrange things the way you want without anybodies help!
  7. No Headaches. When developing your theme from scratch,  you need to provide your developer with the very clear technical task. It’s natural for non tech people to forget something, or simply not to know how to create this complex technical task. As a result, people often get disappointed because they have to invest again and again to get the thing they want. And it’s not anybody’s fault. That is why, if you are not tech savvy and you can’t create a clear technical task, it’s better to go for pre-made WordPress themes that already have every small detail in place.

It doesn’t mean that custom WordPress development isn’t important. Many creative companies use custom WordPress themes simply because they can’t achieve what they want with the existing themes. However, it’s always more cost effective to use an existing theme in combination with the custom made plugin which is responsible for extended functionality that you need and which is way cheaper to make.

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