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Cheap Website Development Services Can Be GOOD!

Did you know that web design and development can be cheap and beautiful if done right?

That’s right.

You don’t need the fortune to get a unique website that looks and feels good.

When you look at our portfolio you won’t believe that most of the people there paid just $250 for the website.

You may ask yourself, what is the catch?

There is no catch, the secret is simple – we managed to optimize our website development process in a way that we brought costs and lead time down.

Before we reveal how we did it, let me explain to you why other WordPress developers charge more! And how we addressed these issues to bring costs and development time down.

1. WordPress Design and WordPress Development Were Two Different Things… Until Now.

When you approach a web development company, they will tell you that their service is expensive because they have a super cool designer who will have to design the website first.

Basically, design the look.

Then after the design part is over, the developer will step in and will bring all this beauty to the reality – will make a working prototype.

But let’s face it, as a small business owner, do you really have time for it?

Do you really need these two stages?

Our solution:

All our web designers are developers as well, 2-in-1 basically.

It means that development time can be cut by 50%!!!

Simple because they design and develop at the same time.

And because you need to communicate with just one person instead of a designer, a developer, and a project manager, the outcome is much better as there is no miscommunication and time wasting.

Because of all these reasons, our costs are significantly lower than those of traditional web development studios.

2. Real Professionals.

Let me tell you a secret. Lots of agencies hire interns or students to develop the sites under 2000 USD.

Most of the time, those interns cost them nothing – however, they will charge the hell out of you.

Do you think it’s fair?

I don’t think so.

When you give your website development to amateur, it will take ages for this person to finish even a simple site.

Now let’s look at the simple math. An amateur developer will charge an agency you 15$/hour.

And he/she will need 20 hours to finish a simple site. Which equals $300.

Now, the agency needs to make money as well. They double or triple the price.

And don’t forget about the designer…

Our solution:

We only hire top class professionals who work fast, because they know what they are doing.

We pay them more, we get things done quickly, and we can offer an affordable service to our clients.

Isn’t it smart?

3. Website Development Companies Charge 100-500% Margins…We DON’T.

Most of the agencies HAVE to add 100%-500% on top of the development costs to survive.

They are either based in jurisdictions with high taxes, or they have too large team or other unnecessary expenses.

In our case, we only get 10% from every order, while the rest goes to the developer.

How did we do it?

And why?

Our solution:

90% of our developers work remotely.

So we don’t need to have a huge office.

In the end, there are so many modern project management and communication tools.

Why do we need to waste money on those unnecessary things?

We give our developers 90% of the earnings, simply because we don’t have many expenses.

So if you are looking for a cheap website that looks just fabulous, get in touch with us today!

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